PDX: Salt and Straw

The haggard DC weather has really been cramping my style. I’m a fairly big cold-sweet-treat aficionado. I love my ColdStone, I love my FroYo, I love those stupid ice pops everyone eats in the summer that is essentially colored sugar water in plastic packets. To be frozen to the bone every day of my life has been harshing my mellow to say the least.

So, while I was in The Land of Dreams, one of the biggest recommendations I got was to have a go at Salt & Straw, Portland’s farm-to-cone ice cream shop, where I’d find the best and the brightest ice cream this crazy world has to offer.

saltandstraw1Oh boy, did I EVER! The menu at Salt and Straw greatly surpassed my expectations, thinking it would be just a really tasty place with normal flavors. Not at all! These were the most unique and well-thought out combinations I had ever heard of in my life, and I couldn’t wait to test them all. Which I did. saltandstraw2For ice cream this good, you’re certainly bound to wait and luckily I was in good company with my Portlandian soulsister, Kenzie and her sweet man James. This smashing couple was the beacon of light to my trip in Portland, taking me on a nice traipse around the city to see all the pretty things and giving me the toppest of notch, insider-foodie-scoop restaurant and shopping recommendations. Most importantly, telling me which flavors I absolutely had to test out at Salt & Straw.

saltandstraw4As you wade your way through the epic Disneyland-like line, you can check out the locally inspired ingredients on display throughout the store, and sample as many flavors as you’d like served adorably on a silver, vintage spoon. I tested out nearly all of them, and settled on three beautiful scoops.saltandstraw5

Arbequina Olive Oil – Who eats olive-oil flavored ice cream? I do. And guess who else does? Oprah! This flavor was named as one of her favorite things in her Oprah Magazine’s April issue. It was expertly concocted – savory with a noticeable olive oil flavor, but also very smooth with a hint of floral sweetness. The olive oil comes from Red Ridge Farms’ Oregon Olive Mill in Dundee Hills just outside of Portland.

Honey Lavender- I guess I was really jiving to try some new flavors that night! After testing nearly all the flavors, I selected honey lavender for its uniquely  fragrant, flowery lavender flavor, that meshed well with honey. These flavors with the texture of ice cream made it incredibly perfect to the palate.

Pots of Gold and Rainbows – Lucky Charms was the cereal that got me through my epic boarding school years at Andover, so I absolutely went for this lucky, colorful treat. All of the flavors you find in the quintessential breakfast bowl are incredibly present in this scoop, and it was déjà vu for days in my mouth.

You’ve 100% GOTTA HAVE IT all at Salt & Straw. At only  one-$ and with multiple locations and incredibly designed flavors, it’s definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY worth the undeniably long line. Do it to it, friends.

Salt & Straw

3345 SE Division Street

Portland, Oregon

Salt & Straw on Urbanspoon

One thought on “PDX: Salt and Straw

  1. I also blogged about Salt & Straw not too long ago as well! We lucked out and didn’t have to wait in the line for too long as it was a cold rainy day when we visited Portland. Definitely one of my favorite spots. Did you try any of their sorbets?

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