MGM Roast Beef


Let me take you a hop and skip towards the northeastern corner of Washington, DC to the land of the tastiest, juiciest, top- quality Roast Beef Sandwich I’ve ever encountered in the district. Vegans and vegetarians alike will weep on this very day because sons and daughters, behold MGM Roast Beef.

MGM Roast Beef 1Located obscurely between the Post Office and an auto body shop on Brentwood, you’ll find a mod diner-style, updated hole in the wall. I’m actually not entirely sure how one would go about getting here without a vehicle, but some fast google mappage yields an 11 minute walk from the Rhode Island Metro Station on the red line. However you choose to arrive, I’d say it’s completely worth the trek for the delicious foods you’ll encounter.

mgm roast beef 2The hunger hits as soon as you step into the place and your eyes fall upon MGM’s meat-making connoisseurs, hand carving the juiciest and most delicious smelling sirloins, briskets, turkeys and hams, assembling them perfectly into sandwiches with the specifications of your choosing. Grilled onions, raw onions, pickles and horseradish and all the classic cheeses and all the the toppings you can imagine await you. And, after sitting and observing them work throughout the course of my meal, I know that these people are true meat wizards. Knowing exactly how to assemble a juicy sandwich with the perfect layering techniques and a nice, hearty pour of au jus that somehow doesn’t make an enormous mess, they’ll treat you right and never do you wrong.

mgm roast boeef 5I knew I’d be getting down on a hearty meal, so I obviously had to revert to my southern ways and order a sweet tea, which MGM proudly offers. Bless this establishment.

mgm roast beef 3I ordered the top sirloin on an everything-roll, garnished with grilled onions, cheddar cheese, and of course, potent horseradish. The roll was flavorful and hardy to hold the pour of au jus, and the top sirloin was well-cut and perfectly prepared, thin and slightly pink with all of the juices a roast beef sandwich needs, but certainly cooked throughout. The horseradish was perfect,  potent and intense in certain bites but mild enough to not overthrow the savory flavors of the meat.

mgm roast beef 4

Logan ordered the brisket on an everything roll, garnished with provolone, grilled onions, pickles and horseradish. In our endless competition to pick the better meal, I hate to say it, but Logan did it again, opting for the browned and beautiful brisket. Damn that precious boyfriend of mine for his uncanny food wisdom! Excellently seasoned to yield massive amounts of flavor in every bite, the brisket was moist on it’s own but even more enhanced by the pour of au jus and the provolone.

Humble and hidden, I absolutely love it at MGM Roast Beef, and I want the whole world to know it. At only a single $, you’ll be thrilled by the hearty sandwiches and well-executed meats you’ll find here, and you’ll find yourself wondering when and how you’ll make a return. I’m finding myself intrigued by their breakfast. With a lunch this good they surely have some delicious offerings early in the morning.

Pro tip: order a side of horseradish to dip your hand-cut fries in, and instead of taking your sandwich out or home to eat, have a seat at the bar to get the full experience of dipping your roast beef into the nice bowl of au jus they hand you.


MGM Roast Beef 

905 Brentwood Road NE

Washington, DC

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