The Grill From Ipanema

A few weeks back I jumped across town to Adams-Morgan to test out the highly-reviewed and authentic Grill From Ipanema with my adventure-lovin’ fellow college coxswain Lauren. This sweet gal with Brazilian roots knows her Brazilian food, and I’d trust her with my life so boom, there you have it. One perfect dinner + drinks for two.

grillatipanemaThe restaurant itself is enormous, and we snagged a table with no problem right away. We started off with a round of caipiroscas, a form of caipirinhas with vodka instead of cachaça, coupled with the classic elements of lime and sugar. Boy, did a few rounds of these guys go down easy – pop in for a few of these at happy hour and you’ll be good to go for the rest of the night! Refreshing. light and fairly natural-tasting with only a hint of a kick (with all of the punch!), all sorrows are officially drowned.

grill at ipanema 2Because my studies abroad in Spain left me obsessed with any and all forms of croquetas, I knew we had to test out the coxinha de galina – a Brazilian croquette stuffed with chicken and cheese, lightly breaded and fried served with a creamy, spicy dipping sauce. Expecting a normal chicken croquette, fully mixed on the interior with chicken and cheese, I was crazy excited to discover an ultra melty and cheese-filled center on the inside. Yes please!

grill at ipanema 3We also ordered the abacate maraja to prepare for the real deal – half an avocado served with shrimp, tomato, cilantro, onion, green pepper and home-made lime dressing. If it’s possible to have something light and rich at the same time, this is your dish. It broke up the heavy flavors of the coxinhas, and was basically a tasty, Brazilian, deconstructed guacamole, and is a dish I’d like to try to make at home.

grill at ipanema 4And, of course, you can’t have authentic Brazilian without the picanha gelhada. While I definitely could not have finished this enormous portion alone, in classic KQ-Krinker fashion, teamwork made the dream work, and we shared this huge, tasty entree. This infamous dish features the delicious, tender cut of the grilled cap of rump, and is traditionally served with black beans, rice, collard greens, grounded yucca and fresh vinaigrette sauce. This cut of meat was incredibly tender and juicy, and all of the fun sides that came along made for new flavors in every bite.

If you’re scaling back from the gluttony of Fogo and want a wider offering of authentic, Brazilian, eats, make your way to the Grill from Ipanema. I’ll classify this as mid-range, two-of three-$$ dining, because after all, it is steak, and you won’t find one this delicious at this price anywhere else. I liked it, but will definitely have to wait for a day when I’m really hankering for a steak and rich eats. One thing’s for sure – I’ll certainly be back for a happy hour of caipiroscas and coxinhas!

The Grill From Ipanema

1858 Columbia Road NW

Washington, DC



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