Mandu in Dupont

After a week of faraway St. Louis nomz that left you hungry but downstream without a paddle, I’m going to throw some DC eats your way to make up for my coyness. So…we’re back to your normally scheduled programming!

Today, I’ve got some good-good for you check out from a nifty little place called Mandu. Located on 18th Street right before it becomes the poppin’ Adams Morgan, it is a favorite locale of my friend group for traditional Korean eats and excellent beverage specials. 


The beef and pork dumplings at Mandu are unbelievable. Super fresh and pan-fried to a pleasant crisp and served with a thin, soy-like sauce, in a city void of quality dumplings, these are a sight for sore eyes. Sometimes I opt to order a ton of dumplings as my entree- they’re just that good! You can also order them steamed but liiiike, when have I ever taken the healthy route?

mandu 2

Every meal at Mandu comes with a nice little assortment of veggies to snack on, called banchan to tame the hungry beast of stomach you’re likely bringing in tow, each sampler seasoned uniquely to tease your mouth and your tummy.


If I’m ordering dumplings, there’s no doubt I coerce someone to get the dish featured above so I can rudely reach over and snatch some bites. The Dolsot Bibimbap comes in a super hot stone bowl that continues to cook the dish as you enjoy your meal; a hearty mixture of veggies, rice, Korean beef and of course, a sunny-side up egg. A meal that heats itself and stays hot throughout your experience, even cooking portions of the meal as you eat? It’s brilliant!

mandu 4

I got a little crazy at this particular brunch, deviated from my standing orders, and got the Korean brunch plate pictured above. Advertised as their “spin on steak and eggs”, I found myself a little bit overwhelmed by a sizable plate of gim bap (a sushi-style dish), Korean-style omelet, chive pancakes, Korean hash browns, and marinated beef beef. While I was certainly into all of the flavors of what I received, my eyes definitely were way bigger than my stomach, especially so early in the day. I think this ‘lil gal will stick to her normal orders from here on out!

mandu 6Somehow I managed to save a bit of room at the end of this supermeal, since my brunch entree came with dessert too and I ordered Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream.  A happy ending to a hearty meal, and that’s for sure.

Things you shouldn’t miss out on that are not featured here: Sojutinis and other drink specials every day from 4-7pm, and just pretty much everything else on this excellent menu. Also, their second location in Mt. Vernon Square!

I love it at Mandu, at only two-$$ andin an excellent neighborhood. While I prefer it for dinner, for brunch or lunch isn’t completely out of the question at all. Bring a group of fun friends who are down for food adventures and a chill happy hour, to load up on hearty food and bevs before a wild night in AdMo. They’ll hug you for it.


1805 18th Street NW

Washington, DC

Mandu on Urbanspoon

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